Welcome to my Blog

Hey guys, welcome to my my website called Bills 2 Big?.

The purpose of this site is to generate ideas and help others with concentrating on the issue of reducing our Bills.  You know those dreaded pieces of mail we get in the mail box every month?

Many people have come to me and said..”Shane how can I get out of debt”?  I first ask them if getting out of debt is there primary purpose?  And then I ask them are they committed to that purpose?

For when it comes to being serious about “Getting Out of Debt” one must look at a couple of factors.  You must first look at your INCOME.  Yes, your INCOME, the amount you make every month.  Next you need to look at your FIXED COSTS. Your FIXED COST are those costs that whether or not, you are going to have month in month out.

These FIXED COSTS include your RENT or MORTGAGE, your UTILITIES (water, electricity, sewer, etc.) CAR PAYMENT, GAS and any other costs it takes to stay employed, bringing in INCOME and any cost necessary to keep a ROOF over your head.

The next COST are called VARIABLE COSTS. These are COSTS that can vary from month to month and we can control to an extent.  Yes FOOD can be included as a VARIABLE COST you can decide on what size, quantity and quality of FOOD you purchase.  Other VARIABLE COSTS include things like CLOTHING…again VARIABLE based on numbers of pairs of shoes or jeans purchased and again  the quality (named brand or generic).

Another VARIABLE COST, that we really need to put into the equation are the services we decide to use every month. These can be the number of restaurants we enjoy, movies and other entertainment we go to.  But you know what the one of the biggest VARIABLE COST we forget about is our HOME ENTERTAINMENT.  Yes, many may think the INTERNET should be a FIXED COST, but really for the majority of households it is a LUXURY.  Unless, of course it is SOLE USE is for a stay at home business.

And yes, last but not least VARIABLE COST is our CABLE TELEVISION.  We can certainly do without ALL of the movie channels when we are looking to REDUCE DEBT.

There are certainly more VARIABLE COST and more FIXED COSTS we could look at.  But, these are a few of the general and sometime overlooked I have found in my life.

On a side note…I recently wanted to go on a drive around town dinner date. I looked at how much it would cost to drive myself. Putting into account the cost of gas, personal time, having a cocktail etc. That said I highly recommend finding a great Limo company in your local city. If said you live in the Seattle area…I must highly recommend Seattle’s Finest Limousine Services.

So adise like that makes people come to me and ask…? “Shane”, what are other ideas for coming up with INCOME in addition to our employment and those paychecks we never seem to receive enough of over the course of the month”?

Well…have you looked in you closets, your garages for things that are of SOLID VALUE to someone else?  Or even maybe you could downsize and afford to SELL… like that 3rd or 4th 40″ Plasma you don’t watch in the basement so much?

You see guys, when those BILL get 2BIG you need to get creative.  Whether it is turning the furnace down, shutting the lights off or reading “The Good Book” instead of watching T.V. and using up valuable electricity or driving shorter distances to visit friends thus cutting FIXED COST.  Or cutting out some of those movie channels we never watch on cable, trying some of those generic brands at the grocery store (from my experience I can’t usually tell the difference) or find some things around the house we could do without.  You will be taking a huge step in committing INCOME to THE BOTTOM LINE and begin putting a real dent in those BILL2BIG.

Next week we will look into another fantastic approach to making our BILLS SMALLER.  It is called CONSOLIDATING OUR DEBT.